SESEDO - Sustainable Energy Services Organisation.

SESEDO is a grass root, non-governmental organization, which is striving to fulfil its objectives by promoting renewable energy and other environmental related initiatives. Its goal is to have a conserved environment for Sustainable Development by promoting renewable energy and other sustainable development activities.


  • Promoting sustainable energy solutions, renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Project development, technical design and implementation of energy/development projects
  • Renewable energy and rural development
  • Energy planning and resource assessment
  • Planning for climate change
  • Supporting businesses in renewable energy sector
  • Working on suitable mechanism of establishing networks/partnerships between local and international organisations

  • Working on modalities of monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development projects
  • Consultancy services in energy related fieds
  • Consultancy services in modern farming & irrigation techniques
  • Field surveys and desk-based studies
  • Market research and promotion
  • Policy and strategy development
  • Training, workshops and publications
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Tangazo la uuzaji wa miche ya miti

SESEDO has technical expertise covering the whole range of sustainable energy technologies including: photovoltaics,
solar thermal, wind, biomass, energy efficiency and hybrid systems.

SESEDO - Sustainable Energy Services Organisation
P.O. Box 11044,
Mwanza, Tanzania.
Mobile: +255-786-844127